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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

2007 iFMAR 10th Scale EP Off-Road Stage 1 Report

2007 IFMAR 1/10th

Electric Off-Road

2WD & 4WD

World Championships

Stage One Report – JUN.2006

September 9th to September 17th 2007

Ishikawa—pre. Japan

Official Web Site
For News, Info, Results, Pictures

Official E-Mail
For Info, Entry Form, and General Questions


Phone +81 761 96 7236 / Fax +81 761 96 7237

Organization Committee

2007 IFMAR 1/10th Electric Off-Road World Champion Organizing Committee
Phone +81 761 96 7933
Official Work
Phone +81 761 96 7236 / Fax +81 761 96 7237

Details Truck and site

ICHIRINO RC off-road course is in Ichino-shi. Ichino-shi is located in the central part of HOKURIKU region, going to the North is Noto Peninsula, is in south west part of Ishikawa Prefecture, which is facing to the sea of Japan.
In HAKUSAN-shi, there are about 2,700m meters above the sea level differences from the shore region to the mountains. There is first grade river, TEDORI river, the biggest river in the prefecture, the sea of Japan known as write sand and green pine tree.

In ISHIKAWA prefecture, there is HYAKUMANGOKU (flourishing) castle town HYAKUMANGOKU Kanazawa, KENROKUEN garden which is one of the best garden in Japan, and NOTO peninsula, which is know as loyal residence and great nature.

It is convenient to go to the sightseeing spot in Japan. After passing SHIRAYAMA SUPER RINDO, you can go to the World heritage Shirakawa-gou. The nicest cities such as KYOTO or Nara are also accessible about 2 hours and 30 minutes by train from KOMATSU station, about 3 hours by car. It is very convenience place.

The track is the same track that we hold the 1/8GP Off-road all Japan championship in 2004 and 2005 but it is repaired and changed to 185m lengths, 3 to 6 m. We used the natural slope and the shape looks sugar loaf. The road is made from special clay soil, which is used for the Japanese roof tile. Therefore, we succeeded to maintain the high grip surface.

The driver’s stands are temporary. It is 2.7m high. The visibility is combined with truck shape .It is very good and does not let you feel 35m deep.

Video on Youtube recorded during the 2006 Pre-World event.

Japanese Federation

JMRCA (Japan model radio-control car association)
6-15-4 SHIMOUMA SETAGAYA TOKYO 154-0002 Japan
TEL+81 3 3418 4111
FAX+81 3 3418 4702

Track Layout

Track Length: 185 meters
Straight length: 30 meters
Width: 32 meters
Depth: 35meters
Track Width: 3 – 6 meters
Control Tower Height: 2.7 meters
Control Tower Width: 15 meters
Control Tower with Roof
2 Control Line buried
Few Drainpipes buried
Official Digital Clock
Time Control Signal with Race Time Clock (digital)
Air Compressor for clean up Chassis and Bodies
Washing Place
Track Direction is adjustable

Site Layout

Car Parking: 500
Men’s rest room: 3+3 in Visitor Space (Western Style)
Lady’s rest room: 5 in Visitor Space (Western Style)
Picnic place can be used for watching for the Races. It is comfortable Space for audience.
During a period, We regulate an entrance place with a pass of each color


From many parts of the world

Narita International Airport → Komatsu Airport: DEP17:25 → ARR18:40
Narita International Airport → HANEDA Airport (FROM NARITAINT 'L AIRPORT)
DEP 08:45 10:00 15:45 17:30 (NH FLIGHT)
DEP 07:35 11:00 14:30 17:20 18:30 20:00 (JL FLIGHT)
Fukuoka International Airport → Komatsu Airport: DEP 09:30
12:10 20:20(NH FLIGHT)

Rail Way = Nearest : JR Kanazawa Station

From Tokyo Station
JOETSU SHINKANSEN Line : Transfer at ECHIGOYUZAWA Station "Toki" to "HAKUTAKA" 3 hours 48 minutes( 11 coming and going /day )
4 hours 28 minutes( 15 coming and going/day )

From Osaka Station
"Thunderbird" or "RAICHO" 2hours 27minutes ( 25 coming and going/day )

From Nagoya Station
"SHIRASAGI" 2hours 50minutes(25 coming and going/day)

Air Plane = Nearest : Komatsu Airport

Sapporo → Komatsu … About 1 hour 30 minutes
Sendai → Komatsu … About 1 hour 05 minutes
HANEDA → Komatsu … About 1 hour
Fukuoka → Komatsu … About 1 hour 20 minutes
Okinawa → Komatsu … About 2 hours 10 minutes

Express bus = To JR Kanazawa Station

From Kyoto ...4 hours (ten coming and going/day)
Nagoya ...4 hours (one coming and going/day)
From Tokyo (Ikebukuro / Shinjuku) ... 7 hours 30 minutes (Five coming and going/day)

If you use a car with a car navigation system, set it with
E136°42’ 42” N36°15’ 57” (JDG) as a destination

About 45Km to the site

About 39km to the site

Refer to an upper figure Use the most suitable way by a traffic jam and a traffic condition. Japan is keeping to the left same as U.K. and Australia. Participants’ comings from a country of right side traffic are careful, and drive.

Call “110,” if you meet with a traffic accident by any chance. It is emergency police phone calling number in Japan.

Official Proxy Hotel & Rent-a-cars


It is our honor that JTB Corp. (Japan Tourist Bureau Corp.) is the leading travel agency in Japan for a century since establishing in 1912.
JTB has treated million numbers of tour trips such as business trips, private trips for sight-seen and so on.
JTB group owns over 160 subsidiary companies in the world and they have totally 400 service shops in 22 countries as global net-work in order to accomplish the customer convenience. In regard to the accommodation service on Pre-World Champion Ship Race called “Warm-UP Race”, we are preparing the following website

A Internet address for on line reservation

4-23 AUG.

You can see various hotels on this website. When you find your preferable hotel, the hotel will be booked through On-Line Reservation.

Also, the support information such as rental car service, local short trip etc,. will be available as “Link Information” on this WEB sight.

Regarding each service, you are requested to contact directly with the appropriate agency showed on the WEB sight.

Reference (Accommodation for The World Championship Race in 2007)
We are planning that the hotel reservation for the World Champion Ship Race which will be held in September, 2007 (next year) will be available in the end of December, 2006.

Upon available, the detail information will be shown on website.

Hotel list
! Do not contact the following hotel directly
JTB can arrange a reservation for you
When you chose a hotel of these, transportation to a course is secured.

1 night 2 meals (dinner and breakfast)
When you use one room as "Single" use, a rate of 3,000 yen adds on it

Ichrino kogen hotel
Tel +81 761 96 7141
Fax +81 761 96 7441
A person
150 Person

New hakusan
Tel +81 761 96 7236
Fax +81 761 96 7237
A person
130 Person

Maruo village
Tel +81 761 96 7316
Fax +81 761 96 7317
A person
130 Person

Kerie sansou
Tel +81 761 96 7825
Fax +81 761 96 7877
A person
70 Person

Tel +81 761 96 7036
Fax +81 761 96 7122
A person
60 Person

Tel +81 761 96 7402
Fax +81 761 96 7456
A person
60 Person

Tel +81 761 96 7444
Fax +81 761 96 7477
A person
50 Person

Hakusan ichirino sou
Tel +81 761 96 7411
Fax +81 761 96 7648
A person
90 Person

Iwamasan sou
Tel +81 761 96 7933
Fax +81 761 96 7723
A person
50 Person

Yukiguni sou
Tel +81 761 96 7934
Fax +81 761 96 7934
A person
50 Person

Yamabikoo sou
Tel +81 761 96 7845
Fax +81 761 96 7845
A person
40 Person

Kozakura sou
Tel +81 761 96 7634
Fax +81 761 96 7634
A person
25 Person

Tel +81 761 96 7411
Fax +81 761 96 7648
A person
20 Person

Tel +81 761 96 7644
Fax +81 761 96 7644
A person
20 Person

Country dream
Tel +81 761 96 7840
Fax +81 761 96 7840
A person
12 Person

Sports hime ichirino
Tel +81 761 96 7710
Fax +81 761 96 7713
30 Person


ICHIRINO ONSEN KYOKAI (Ichirino Hot-spring Society) offers various meals.
The meals & drink will be delivered on the side of the race track. Please order it your willingly!

Daily Schedule

Sunday. 9th Sep 2WD Registration and An opening ceremony With concourse d’ Elegance
Monday 10th Sep. 2WD official Practice
Tuesday 11th Sep 2WD Control practice and Qualification
Wednesday 12th Sep 2WD Qualification and Finals each-Main
Thursday 13th Sep Close it for course maintenance and 4WD Registration With concourse d’ Elegance
Friday 14th Sep 4WD official Practice
Saturday 15th Sep 4WD Control practice and Qualification & 4WD Qualification and Finals each-Main
Sunday 16th Sep A banquet party and It commends the winners

Race Officials

Race director Japan
Assistant Race director Japan
IFMAR Referee To be advised by IFMAR
FEMCA Referee To be advised by FEMCA
Host Country’s Referee Japan
Technical director Japan
Timing/Scorer director Japan

Tire Control

You can choose your tire in the warm up race of 2006.
The tire in 2007m will be decided after the warm up race.

List of Allowed Batteries

Refer at

List of Allowed Motors

Refer at

Concourse d’ Elegance

After a registration, please line up on the track for concourse d’Elegance. There are two marking element. One is for good Paint works and other is for good authentic works.

Official Frequencies

Frequency of usable radio is limited to frequency in the following list in Japanese soil.
Domestic Code
26.975MHz 01
26.995MHz 02
27.025MHz 03
27.045MHz 04
27.075MHz 05
27.095MHz 06
27.125MHz 07
27.145MHz 08
27.175MHz 09
27.195MHz 10
27.225MHz 11
27.255MHz 12
40.610MHz 61
40.630MHz 63
40.650MHz 65
40.670MHz 67
40.690MHz 69
40.710MHz 71
40.730MHz 73
40.750MHz 75

About 2.4GHz spectrum method → You are unable to use them in Japan.
Because usage of this frequency is not arrowed. About 2.4GHz spectrum method by Wireless Telegraphy Act in Japan

Domestic Electricity

Electricity supplies in the meeting place are 100V - AC (60Hz)
Charge usage and other electricity are classified at an outlet separated by color
Supply of electricity is 3 amperes per player alone
An outlet fitting a plug can possess a table in a tent by construction


At the World Championship race, your personal transponders (DPT) should be permitted.


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